Unleash the web with the power of Fusion!

Fusion seamlessly integrates your favourite Chrome browser features and settings into one convenient tool that is accessible directly from the comfort of your desktop. Enjoy web the way it should be enjoyed...like a pro.

Fusion Browser
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    Facebook & Weather

    Check the weather, and keep your Facebook up-to-date…all from your desktop browser.

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    Fusion VPN by Hola

    Reach the content you crave safely and securely with our free VPN service.

    Fusion Media Player by Hola

    Stream torrent videos and music instantly from your browser…no need to wait for downloads!

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    Browsing has never been so easy.

    Take advantage of the most convenient, clutter-free browser experience with one-click access to the top destinations on the web.


Take advantage of the most convenient, clutter-free browsing experience.

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    Fusion VPN Powered by Hola

    Unlock the freedom to access any website, in any country, safely and securely with Fusion VPN. Catch up on all the shows you love easily; our VPN service is easy to set up (one click), ad-free and doesn’t cost a cent! Start enjoying everything the Internet has to offer.

  • Fusion Media Player Powered by Hola

    Search the video you want to watch, hover over the download link…et voila! Fusion Media Player will pop up and allow you to stream your video at the press of a button. No extra tabs, no waiting, and no downloading

  • Fusion Music Streaming Powered by Streamus

    Listen to music you like for free and without disruption. Build playlists, and discover new music right from your browser. No need for bookmarks or even a new tab… you can share your favs with fellow groupies with just one click. Check out our radio mode which will allow the stream to continue playing once it runs out of music.

  • Discover Deals Powered by Honey

    Discover the best deals while you shop. See the best coupons, deals and sales without leaving the store you are currently at. Click a button and Honey will automatically apply all available coupons to your cart when you checkout.

  • Fusion Weather

    Stay on top of weather changes without ever ‘having to check.’ Fusion Weather displays your local weather plus a five day forecast right on your desktop browser.

  • Fusion for Facebook

    See all your notifications, messages and update your page with the convenience of Fusion for Facebook. Mouse over the icon and access everything you need without ever opening a new window.

Take advantage of the most convenient, clutter-free browsing experience.

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